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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

22 nd & 23 rd June

Friday that means another nice weekend in front of me. Today was the company pick nick and I was looking forward to go there because I would go with Kim and her family and Juanita would be there too and we actually planned on going to her place afterwards. So I left work at 2.30 pm because we were allowed to do so and I went to the mall because I would meet Kim there later because she wanted to pick up some shirt for Rick. I bought some stuff there and then finally Kim came too and I followed her home or shall I say she followed me… hehe…. We stopped at her mom’s house where we picked up both of her kids. Sophia came with me and Olivia drove with Kim. We arrived and left again right away to go to the pick nick. It was a nice place with a water fountain with swans in it and everything. A clown and a jumping place for the kids and volleyball net and a big place inside and outside to eat. Food was ok but what will you expect from an American pick nick …. Haha….They also had a DJ who played some nice music and so we ate and after that they had a ticket drawing it was fun. Juanita was drunk so it was even more funny and interesting. The evening we spend with Mike Sopko and his two kids (twins 4) and Ken Heaton. We stayed until 10pm when it was over and we were the last on the dance floor … haha.. that was fun. We danced and ate and everything. Now Kim said that we won’t go to Juanita’s house because the next day she had a birthday party for her younger kid and she would have to take care of that so that was …. Shitty… well I kind a knew that would happen and so I slept over at Kim’s house where we played picktunary and stuff. I slept with Olivia in her bed because I really didn’t want to sleep on the couch this time and it was horrible. But whatever… the next morning I decided to go to Juanita’s house around 1pm because she invited me. When I got there I got to know her two kids (11 and 14) and I helped them to get ready for the party. We filled about 500 water balloons and Nick 16 (boyfriend of Megan) destroyed half of the balloons he filled up. But he was nice too. Nicole (younger daughter 11, it was her party) was nice too. Totally different to Kim’s kids…. More calm. Haha.. I chopped some cheese up and helped them carrying all the food down and before kids finally arrived around 6pm I got some food with Nick and Megan at a pizza place downtown. Wow he was a crazy driver I can say now that I drive very safely and slow. 36 kids were inveted only 15 showed up so way to much food …. And more for us (Juanita, Stan, Megan, Nick and me). We played some cards, ate and talked the whole time. At 9.30 so right before they got picked up from their parents they didn’t use one water balloon so Megan thought we should use them to make them wet. Haha.. that was fun… we with all the balloons and they nothing. I stopped after 10 minutes because after a while they had some too and I didn’t want to get wet. 500 balloons gone in 15 minutes… wow it took us about 2 hours to fill them up. Well it is like it is. After they were gone we all put the food and drinks back to the house and I didn’t even tell yet that they had a property as big as two soccer fields, no neighbors and a creek running through the property. It was very nice. We sat a little bit outside at the fire before we went to bed totally exhausted. I was so tired. I was happy when Juanita told me that I could sleep in her kind size bed because she would sleep with Stan in his room. Oh I forgot… the whole day we smoked the hooka that was just great.

26.6.07 14:39

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