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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

16 + 17 th June

I woke up around 7 am but I could sleep a little bit longer because I knew that Chris would let me know when I should get ready and around 8am she woke me up and I packed the rest of the stuff I wanted to bring to the beach and we finally left around 9am. Chris gave Nina Benadril cause she had never been in the car longer than 30 minutes and our trip would be about 3 ½ hours. Traffic wasn’t bad at all and so we stopped at a rest area on half the way so Nina could go to the bathroom and stuff. When we got there everything was really nice, the weather, the campsite, the beach and the ocean. When we arrived at our campsite Chris sister and her family was already there because they went one day earlier. They looked stressed and not really relaxed and we quick found out why. MOSQUITOS!!! We grabbed the anti mosquito spray and sprayed the whole body. It was horrible and I think it was because our site was surrounded by bushes and that’s why there was almost no wind and that meant lot’s of mosquitoes. Well I left and went to the beach where the wind was and nothing biting you all the time. Chris came a little later with Nina. It was the first time for Nina seeing the ocean and I think it was the last time too. She hated it … Chris said that she might be afraid because of the noise of the waves. Before we actually wanted to go back the camp site a man who was sitting there with his wife told us to look for dolphins because they had seen them earlier. We sat for a while when I saw them it was really nice … there must have been a whole bunch of them. The rest of the day was ok. I went to the board walk with Lane and her family it was not so nice because it was like a carnival but worse. I thought there would be little shops and a nice walk a long the ocean but the Americans like to play and to be entertained. When we came back Chris was away for a walk with Nina and so we started the fire and hoped that the mosquitoes would stay away then but no …. There also were lot’s of ticks …. Big ones … urgh…. It wasn’t enjoyable. The night was bad too because Nina started whining all the time and neither Chris nor I couldn’t sleep. Everything was damp and it was cool too. The next morning I went to the beach at 8am. The sun was shining and it was totally silent. When I went back we all decided together that we would leave and go home and so we packed and left around noon. We got the money back because most of the people there were leaving for the same reasons and after a few hours we were back again. I didn’t do anything else interesting that day because we both were tired and exhausted from the trip.

Here pictures from the beach in Ocean City:





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