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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

12 th – 14 th (Flag day) June

Nothing special just relaxing and going to work. But I would have off on Friday and the Monday after that which means a really long weekend…. Juhu…. Ocean City I’m coming!!!


On the 14th after work I followed Kim home because we panned to go shopping with Sophia. Olivia went on a trip with Rick to North Carolina (11 hour drive) until Sunday. When we got home Kim had invited Auriel to come with us what was a really good idea. When we got there we ate at first because I was hungry and so we went to Appleby’s. I have never been there before and I have to say the stuff I had was really good. Well then we shopped around a little bit and it was fun. Also if I didn’t buy anything that time… good for me I think…. Then we wanted to go to the movies but we couldn’t decide in which one cause everybody already saw what the others haven’t seen yet. Well I had the idea to go home and play a game together. On the way home Auriel called her mom to see if she bought the stuff she needed to make cupcakes for her boyfriend and how other can it be she didn’t. So Kim drove to a store, got her the stuff and when we came home we started making the cupcakes all together. It was fun. After they were done we decorated them and then we started playing Pictionary and that was a lot of fun too (I just say crap/crab) haha….. when we looked for the time it was 2am and we all were tired as hell. The kids started watching Hitch but I didn’t. The next morning Kim left to go to work and I stayed at her house until 9.30am when I drove Auriel to her boyfriend’s house who’s birthday was that day. We got home, ate, watched Finding Nemo and then I drove Sophia to her gradma’s house what was on my way home anyways. At home I packed my stuff for Ocean City and watched some TV and slept. Later that day Chis came home with her new car… The exact same car VW Jetta but in a nice red and black leather seats. Nice……!!!! It wasn’t a new one but it looked new I thought. She did that because it was a good deal and she just received the money from the insurance of her totally damaged blue Jetta from the accident. Well she was happy with it that is most important anyways. Chis invited her parents for a cook out and I ……..

19.6.07 20:45

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