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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

12 th – 14 th (Flag day) June

Nothing special just relaxing and going to work. But I would have off on Friday and the Monday after that which means a really long weekend…. Juhu…. Ocean City I’m coming!!!


On the 14th after work I followed Kim home because we panned to go shopping with Sophia. Olivia went on a trip with Rick to North Carolina (11 hour drive) until Sunday. When we got home Kim had invited Auriel to come with us what was a really good idea. When we got there we ate at first because I was hungry and so we went to Appleby’s. I have never been there before and I have to say the stuff I had was really good. Well then we shopped around a little bit and it was fun. Also if I didn’t buy anything that time… good for me I think…. Then we wanted to go to the movies but we couldn’t decide in which one cause everybody already saw what the others haven’t seen yet. Well I had the idea to go home and play a game together. On the way home Auriel called her mom to see if she bought the stuff she needed to make cupcakes for her boyfriend and how other can it be she didn’t. So Kim drove to a store, got her the stuff and when we came home we started making the cupcakes all together. It was fun. After they were done we decorated them and then we started playing Pictionary and that was a lot of fun too (I just say crap/crab) haha….. when we looked for the time it was 2am and we all were tired as hell. The kids started watching Hitch but I didn’t. The next morning Kim left to go to work and I stayed at her house until 9.30am when I drove Auriel to her boyfriend’s house who’s birthday was that day. We got home, ate, watched Finding Nemo and then I drove Sophia to her gradma’s house what was on my way home anyways. At home I packed my stuff for Ocean City and watched some TV and slept. Later that day Chis came home with her new car… The exact same car VW Jetta but in a nice red and black leather seats. Nice……!!!! It wasn’t a new one but it looked new I thought. She did that because it was a good deal and she just received the money from the insurance of her totally damaged blue Jetta from the accident. Well she was happy with it that is most important anyways. Chis invited her parents for a cook out and I ……..

19.6.07 20:45

11 th June

Monday… oh I hate Mondays….hehe… work and I guess and after doing that I watched Olivia’s game and went home again. I played with the dog, ate something with Chris who still didn’t know anything about the police report and what is going to happen with her car and stuff… After watching Amarican (idol) inventors which is really funny too I had to go to bed earlier then usual. I needed sleep
19.6.07 20:45

10 th June


Sunday… and at 8am Olivia stood in front of the couch staring at me. I opened one eye and said: is it so hard to figure out that I am still sleeping? Well she laughed and made her way into the kitchen to eat. Since then I couldn’t sleep anymore so I checked my e-mails and just hang out on the couch. Well I thought if I am awake I might just go with them to church. I did so and right after that the kids dad picked them up for the day. I went home with Kim and because she had free time for herself and Rick, they went shopping and I stayed at the house and played some play station and checked my e-mail. 2 hours later the kids came home and Kim and Rick arrived soon too. We all hang out at the house, grilled outside and I played ball with the kids. It was a nice day and after all that I was done with them and I drove home.

19.6.07 20:45

9 th June

Sleeping long was not possible in this family. Olivia always woke up early and sat down in the living room where I slept… haha…. I should say was sleeping… she started eating and well I had to get up anyway because our bus left at 9 am and we had to be there half an hour before that. We packed and almost made it in time. Everybody was waiting for us… hehe.. whatever it was a long drive (2 ½ hours) until we got there. The weather was nice, sunny and almost no cloud in the sky. At first we went to the hard rock café where we ate, bought clothing and both became member of hard rock. It was only 25 $ one time payment and you would get the member card with 20$ on it and 10% off of food, drinks and stuff from the gift shop. It was also a livelong member ship for all the existing hard rock café’s, also those in Europe. Well after that we walked along the board work right by the ocean and then sat on the beach for a while. It was windy so sat on one towel and put the other one on out heads. Haha that was funny then we walked along the ocean with our feet in the water. It was unexpectedly warm. We stopped at a mall right at the shore and inside they had a water game on. Every 10 minutes it came on and the water was dancing with the music that was playing. It was also surrounded by different colors that colored the water. We continued walking toward the Casino where the bus would pick us up again and as we got there we almost had no time to gamble. Well we ate at hooters, which was not really what I thought it would be but whatever…. Suddenly Kim said that we should leave and look for the bus and so we didn’t even get to gamble. The Bus drive seemed so long. We both slept and when we got home we still had to drive 45 minutes to Kim’s house. That is such a pain… I slept at her house because I was so tired I didn’t want to drive again 30 minutes home. Well we talked a little bit and started watching a movie but Kim and Rick fall asleep and so I turned of the TV and woke them up so that they could go to bed too. Oh I forgot …. I bought myself a necklace with a shark tooth on it looks nice I think.

19.6.07 20:44

8 th June

Last day of work before the weekend and I was looking forward to it because I planned to stay over night at Kim’s house and go to Atlantic City with her on Saturday. We would go by bus and it is really going to be a lot of fun I think. At lunch I drove home because I forgot to take my hooka and the booze with me and so I also ate something at home. Chris was there because she had to take an other day off cause she had no car to go to work with and until now the police report hasn’t been finished yet what means no rental car for her. Well I looked forward to Atlantic City. I followed Kim after work to her mum’s house and there Sophia hopped into my car and I drove her to her softball game at West point. Kim had to go back to her house that’s why I did it. She came after a while and I chilled on a bench watching the game. After that we went home and relaxed for the rest of the day and watched a movie.

19.6.07 20:43

7 th June

Work and then home. Chris’s sister stopped by with the 2 kids. And me and Chris went shopping because she had no car and stuff.. well after that Jerry brought some food over (which I didn’t eat because I have been to a nice Italian restaurant with Kim for lunch that day) I went to my room played guitar and that was it too.

19.6.07 20:43

6 th June

I couldn’t sleep all night, I don’t know why and what was wrong but I just couldn’t. I watched a movie and just sit around. At 5am I got up, did laundry, got a shower, washed some dishes, left the house, went to giant, took the movies back that I had rented and got to work around 7.15am. I was early but then I could leave earlier too. At work I told Kim and stuff and she was shocked too. Well at least it wasn’t in your car, she said. Haha…. Chris took off for the rest of the week and so I called her from work if she needed anything and if I should get something for her but she said her parent’s came over and cooked for her and stuff. So that was ok. I also got a call from someone who was interested in my car. He was from Coplay too and so we made an appointment later that day. So when I got home from work I waited for him to see my car. When he didn’t show up I ordered some food for me and Chris for pick up and when I wanted to leave to get it the guy came. He took it with me for a ride and he said he liked it and stuff and that he will get in touch with me. Cool. I left, got 2 other movies, picked up the food and Chris and I ate and watched “catch and release” while eating. Then her parents stopped by again and we talked. Well that was it for that day…..

19.6.07 20:43

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