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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

24 th June

I slept long and good…. That was very nice and I took a shower and then we all ate breakfast together. And then we cleaned up the rest of the mess from the party. We were done in no time because they had a tiny tractor trailer with which we could store tables and chairs and other stuff and drive it up to the house. I was allowed to drive it… hehe… fun… and then we started playing card with pennies … hehe.. we grilled and ate cookies and then her kids joined us and we played all together texas holdem (poker) with pennies. I  was pretty good. J $$$$$$$$ J$$$$$$

We played until 10 pm and then I left. Stan (boyfriend of Juanita, who is a very interesting man with a lot of stories) was actually interested in my car and he said that he would buy it for 1500$ if I can’t get rid of it in the end of July after I would come home form my trip. When I got home Chris was asleep and I went to bed right away
26.6.07 14:39

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