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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

9 th June

Sleeping long was not possible in this family. Olivia always woke up early and sat down in the living room where I slept… haha…. I should say was sleeping… she started eating and well I had to get up anyway because our bus left at 9 am and we had to be there half an hour before that. We packed and almost made it in time. Everybody was waiting for us… hehe.. whatever it was a long drive (2 ½ hours) until we got there. The weather was nice, sunny and almost no cloud in the sky. At first we went to the hard rock café where we ate, bought clothing and both became member of hard rock. It was only 25 $ one time payment and you would get the member card with 20$ on it and 10% off of food, drinks and stuff from the gift shop. It was also a livelong member ship for all the existing hard rock café’s, also those in Europe. Well after that we walked along the board work right by the ocean and then sat on the beach for a while. It was windy so sat on one towel and put the other one on out heads. Haha that was funny then we walked along the ocean with our feet in the water. It was unexpectedly warm. We stopped at a mall right at the shore and inside they had a water game on. Every 10 minutes it came on and the water was dancing with the music that was playing. It was also surrounded by different colors that colored the water. We continued walking toward the Casino where the bus would pick us up again and as we got there we almost had no time to gamble. Well we ate at hooters, which was not really what I thought it would be but whatever…. Suddenly Kim said that we should leave and look for the bus and so we didn’t even get to gamble. The Bus drive seemed so long. We both slept and when we got home we still had to drive 45 minutes to Kim’s house. That is such a pain… I slept at her house because I was so tired I didn’t want to drive again 30 minutes home. Well we talked a little bit and started watching a movie but Kim and Rick fall asleep and so I turned of the TV and woke them up so that they could go to bed too. Oh I forgot …. I bought myself a necklace with a shark tooth on it looks nice I think.

19.6.07 20:44

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