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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

8 th June

Last day of work before the weekend and I was looking forward to it because I planned to stay over night at Kim’s house and go to Atlantic City with her on Saturday. We would go by bus and it is really going to be a lot of fun I think. At lunch I drove home because I forgot to take my hooka and the booze with me and so I also ate something at home. Chris was there because she had to take an other day off cause she had no car to go to work with and until now the police report hasn’t been finished yet what means no rental car for her. Well I looked forward to Atlantic City. I followed Kim after work to her mum’s house and there Sophia hopped into my car and I drove her to her softball game at West point. Kim had to go back to her house that’s why I did it. She came after a while and I chilled on a bench watching the game. After that we went home and relaxed for the rest of the day and watched a movie.

19.6.07 20:43

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