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Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

31 st May

Juhu I am happy. I am looking forward to fly to Florida!!! Well today I was at work as usual but after work I followed Kim strait to her house because later on Olivia had a orchestra concert and when we got there we sat all the way on up so that we could see real good. All in all it was pretty boring but it was alright. Better than sitting at home. We drove home together and watched a little bit the movie “music and lyrics” but I didn’t want to come home too late so I left after a little bit. I got a shower and finished packing for the next morning.

8.6.07 16:35

1 st June

My flight was at 8am and so I had to get up early. Chris took me to the airport and it was just perfect. I have never seen a smaller airport than the Allentown one. It was just awesome. No looking for gates and walking miles and miles to get there. It was really cool I thought. While I was waiting for the boarding I was talking to a woman …. Haha.. she told me half of her life but I thought it was better than sitting there bored. The flight was nice, I had a window seat and everything else was good too. When I arrived Friederike wasn’t there yet but I only waited for about 15 minutes when she showed up. We had a small red Chevy. We got on the Highway to drive to her house first to get my suitcase out of the car and to rest a little bit. On the way home we paid a lot of toll and…. I met the “Lovebugs”. Those are bugs that fly around and make love all the time. They only live for about 2 days and all they do is making love and eating…. The funny thing is that those bugs are invented from scientist and they are only there because they eat mosquitoes but the downside of them is that there are millions and millions of them and when you drive they hit your windows and die and so your window is dirty and you can’t take it off with using the windshield wipers. On the way we stopped in Orlando at the City Walk. It was very nice there. They have the biggest Hard Rock Café there and a NBA World building where we actually got lunch. It was very interesting there. The weather was ok until then but after eating it started being cloudy and soon it started to rain. When we got to Friederikes home her host mum was there too. It was a nice little house with a palm tree in the front yard and she had a dog, a cat and a leguana in the back yard. It was already a little late and so Friederike called Rob (a 24 year old guy who lived in Florida for 5 years) and we went to a Mexican restaurant to get dinner. After that we went to his house and talked. It was nice because his German mother and aunt were there and so we talked about differences between Germany and the US. When we left it was still raining and they said that is was a tropical storm and that it is going to rain the whole weekend.

8.6.07 16:36

2 nd June

Well when I woke up I was happy right away. The sun was shining but it was cloudy too. We got some breakfast at I-hop (choclate-chip pancakes) and we went to Ron Jon’s (the biggest Surfshop) in Florida which was really nice and the best thing was that Friederike got a percentage card from her host mum so that we both could use it. So I bought necklaces for Kim’s kids, a beachbag for myself, a T-shirt and Friederike bought some stuff too. 15 % off so it wasn’t that bad. After that we went to the mall because it started to rain a little bit. We drank a smoothy, bought both the same T-shirt at Old Navy and left after a while because we wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Center. By the time we got there it was already late but we got the last bus tour to the places where they shoot up the rockets and we saw crocodiles and nice eagles and turtles… haha… well when we got back we went straight to the just new opened attraction. It is a simulator that simulates a start of a rocket into space. That was really cool that feeling. Well after that we walked around and looked at other stuff too. We also watched a 3D movie about the living in space. It was very interesting (it was narrated of Tom Cruise). We ate a prezel and drank water and it was just nice because the “park” was almost empty because of the weather. Which actually cleared up almost totally and so it was good. After all that we headed home and ate at an Irish place downtown Melbourne. It was ok not toooooo good. After that we were done for the day. Also if we went with Friederikes shitty car to Wal-Mart because we needed something … like a little snack while talking… we took her car because she wanted to show me how it is driving it.. haha… it started smelling after only 2 miles. That car was just beat up. We talked when we got back and went to bed.

8.6.07 16:36

3 rd June

When we woke up it was already awesome weather. The sun was out and it seemed like it’s gonna be like that the whole day. So we decided to go to the beach. We ate at star bucks and laid down. There also haven’t been bad waves so we could go into the water without any problems and it was nice!!! We stayed until 2pm and we both knew that this is going to be a bad sunburn. Thanks god that I put stuff on my face and my feet…. Friederike didn’t do anything so she knew how much it would hurt … haha….After the beach and some shops we drove further south there was suppose to be a nice area with nature right at the ocean and we got to a nice little turtle beach and also driving around in that area was just amazing. All these palm trees, geckos and weather was just nice. In the evening we ate a TGI Fridays what is really good food for the US and we talked about our road trip in July. It was a nice evening and we ended up sitting in my room talking until midnight.

8.6.07 16:37

4 th June

Well my last day which we spend driving in the direction of my airport to Old’s Town. What was not so good as we thought it would be and so we left there and wanted to stop at Disney Downtown and we wanted to eat lunch there but we didn’t have enough time so we drove to the airport and ate something there and talked for a while. We said “see ya later” and I got on my plane. I also had a window seat but not the best one. I sat right where the wing was at but therefore I had no one sitting next to me which was awesome. I watched “nightmare on elmstreet” haha which I had on my labtop from Ben. A rough landing and a long time waiting for my luggage was not the best thing but alright. Chris picked me up, she also brought Nina with her what was nice and at home I got a shower and went to bed right away because I had to get up in the morning for work.

8.6.07 16:37

5 th June

It kinda like began like a every other normal day. Work and I went to Taco Bell for Lunch what is really tasty I think. So then Chris wrote me an e-mail if I would like to come with her to a dinner with her boss an another employee from LCCC. They picked a restaurant Allentown downtown which would opened that evening. Well not even that it was the day before the opening but only friends and family were allowed to come that day and one of Chris colleges were good friends with the Souchef of the kitchen so we were allowed to come. The nice thing was that everything was 50% off. I said that I would come and so after work when Chris came home she just picked  me up there and we went there. It was a nice restaurant and GOOD food what is rare in the US …. Haha… well we sat and talked there until 7.30pm and then Chris and I were the last ones sitting there. I got an appetizer a regular meal and a desert for 12 $. Cool!!! Well when we were driving on 145 N we were driving up to a green light switching  to yellow and with no other opportunity she drove though or almost I have to say because a car from the lane going in the opposite direction made a left turn (crossing our lane) she didn’t see us and Chris couldn’t go around her anymore. CRASH. It was so loud and thanks god we had our seatbelts on. The left front of Chris car and the right front of the other car were smashed badly and our car came to stop at the right side of the road. On Chris’s side the airbag blow up and it stank. As soon as I could I got out of the car without any pain at first and called 911. I told them where we were what happened and stuff and right after talking to them I made some pictures of the scene. Then I sat back inside the car because Chris was still sitting in there hurt. Her right knee, neck and back were hurting and so she rested there until the police, ambulance and fire brigade showed up. They asked for our names and what happened and what exactly was hurting. I told them that I had already been out of the car and refused any treatment at the beginning because I really didn’t feel any pain at all. Then I changed my mind because my left knee did hurt a little and so they wanted me to wait in the ambulance car for Chris who was carried with a bier to the ambulance car. They drove us to the hospital and we both got x-rays and after waiting and a messed up birthday on my bracelet and waiting they told me that nothing was wrong with my knee and so everything was ok. Jerry was also already there and Chris parents were on the way to the hospital already. Jerry joined me for a while during Chris was getting a x-ray and when her parents came we all went to her and talked. Nothing was broke or anything only muscles caused the pain. Thanks god…. I can’t belief that something like that would happen to me here in the States. Well the other woman who was driving and the little boy who was with her in the other car both weren’t hurt at all so that was good too. The reason why that lady didn’t look was because she was following the car with a good friend of her in front of her and I guess she didn’t want to loose her in traffic. Whatever.. I hope she will not do it again.  We both got out of the hospital around 11pm. I drove home with Jerry a little bit earlier than Chris and Chris’s parents took care of her. When she came home she was fine except for pain in the neck, knee and back. She got pain killers and that’s it. Wow… that was an experience……

8.6.07 16:38

6 th June

I couldn’t sleep all night, I don’t know why and what was wrong but I just couldn’t. I watched a movie and just sit around. At 5am I got up, did laundry, got a shower, washed some dishes, left the house, went to giant, took the movies back that I had rented and got to work around 7.15am. I was early but then I could leave earlier too. At work I told Kim and stuff and she was shocked too. Well at least it wasn’t in your car, she said. Haha…. Chris took off for the rest of the week and so I called her from work if she needed anything and if I should get something for her but she said her parent’s came over and cooked for her and stuff. So that was ok. I also got a call from someone who was interested in my car. He was from Coplay too and so we made an appointment later that day. So when I got home from work I waited for him to see my car. When he didn’t show up I ordered some food for me and Chris for pick up and when I wanted to leave to get it the guy came. He took it with me for a ride and he said he liked it and stuff and that he will get in touch with me. Cool. I left, got 2 other movies, picked up the food and Chris and I ate and watched “catch and release” while eating. Then her parents stopped by again and we talked. Well that was it for that day…..

8.6.07 16:38

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