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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

12 th - 16 th April

time is running ... I am not sure but it starts feeling like my time here in the US is coming to an end. well I don't have anything interesting to say sometimes just working and enjoying my time after work so nothing much but watching TV, sitting in the sun when it's nice and planying with the dog.
1.5.07 16:45

17 th - 19 th April

Chris always wanted to have a nice grill so that she can sit and eat outside in the summertime and that is why she was looking for a nice and relativly cheep one. and she found one and bought it on Friday. so when I came home the motorbysicle of her brother was sitting in front of the house because I was putting that huge grill together. later her whole family was suppose to come over for a nice grill afternoon and so it was. her brothers girlfriend, Chris sister with both children came over and her parents were there. we ate hamburger and shrimp from the grill. it was nice. I was looking forward to the next day. remember... I won these tickets for the orchester and Kim too so we planned to go together and then I would have a sleep over at her house. Well after that grill thing we decided to go down to the legion and her parents came with us. so we hang out there, planyed the machines a little bit and talked.

1.5.07 16:50

20 th April

well I slept long ate something and got a phonecall from Christian who said that he cann't come that day... I was mad at least a little bit because now I had two tickets but no one who could use it. welll I called Kim to see if she knowes someone else who would like to come with us and she said that she would ask some people. well I also wanted to know how to dress becuase I was sure I had to wear nice stuff and not jeans or whatever... she said I had to and that sucked because the wheater was awesome nice and hot so long black pants is not the best for that. I left home around 3pm and needed almost 1 1/2 hours to get to Kims house because I couldn't find that one street because the sign was hidden in a tree.... that sucks well we left rigtht away to eat before the orchestra and so we ended up in olive garden nice.... but we had to hurry because the orchestra started in 30 minutes. we came late and the first half was almost over well that was not too bad and so we took our seets in the front after the break. it was a nice experience but I also was happy that I didn't have to see the whole concert. we left and we got home around 11pm so Juanita was suppose to come over with her boyfriend and they came and we played poker all together adn I kicked their bud... haha.... well we played with pennys so it was more fun. after doing that I got my hooka out and started smoking in front of the house and Junanitas boyfriend liked it a lot. well after that it was 3am in the mornnig and so we went to bed. I slept in the room of her older daughter. I I forgot ... they have two little cute hamsters .... they reminded me of smokey....
1.5.07 17:01

22 nd April

I woke up early and thanks god the Kim did too so we started making breakfast when Rick and Sophia joined us. we ate all together and then I actually wanted to go home but I decided to go to church with Kim where her older dauaghter sang in the choir. well we did that and I have to say the things that was in the church where the same they sang a lot and stuff and told old and boring stories well like almost every church I guess. then we drove home with her older daughter olivia and her good friend.(11 and 14) we stopped at store to get some food to grill for lunch and headed home to Kim. the wheater was still nice and so we were outside all the time. they had a big trampolin where we jumped around and laid in the sun. After eating, playing basketball and chilling with Kim on the trampolin I left to go home. It was a fun weekend ...
1.5.07 17:07

23rd - 26 th April

well like every Monday..... laundy day and nothing much the other days were like ... working and just doing nothing.
1.5.07 17:09

28 th April

Friday ... and I planned to go to Harrisburg because Wes was housesitting at that villa and so it seemed to be more fun then staying at home and doing nothing. I packed my stuff in the morning so that I could leave to Harrisburg ritht after work. I got there around 6 and that evening we went to a buffet restaurant and hang out at that house where I was actually capable of choosing a room where I wanted to speel. I tell you that house was big and nice. and the two dogs were awsome too. the enojing one and the cowdog... haha.....
1.5.07 17:13

up to the 10th May

nothing really happend
21.5.07 15:16

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