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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

22 nd February

another Thursday and anoher boring day under the week. But I was really looking forward to the weekend I had nothing planned but I knew that on Saturday it was the birthday of J (Chris’s brother) and that ment party and that ment fun. Well first we would go to the parents house and eat together with the whole family. Well but until then there was another boring Friday laing in front of me.
10.4.07 00:41

23 rd February

Today well… not much going on.
10.4.07 00:41

24 th February

I woke up ealyer than normal, Chris was already awake I watched some episodes of ‘desperate housewifes’ and and ate breakfast. We left at 5 pm but not alone we took Nina with s and Jerry was coming too. A cousin of Chris was in town and so we met him by accident at the street because he was just walking in the direction of the Singerbund so he joined us, too. At Chris’s parernt house we stood some time in the kitchen talking and waiting for the lasange in the oven. All in all we were 15 people, J’s girlfriend was there too and she brought her ugly dog with her. So we ate, talked and had a great time. Then J said that he gave up drinking for 40 days because of the catholic thing and that ment that there was NO party. DAMN I decided to call Jeremy to see if he did something. I took Nina outside and called him. He told me that he will go to the lab and that he will pick me up when I get home. So he picked me up and we went there together, played some pool and started drinking. It was a very fun night and I got home at 3am in the morning.
10.4.07 00:42

25 th February

I slept VERY long the next day I have to admit that I had a hang over haha… but I was ok. I spend my day with watching TV and DVD’s.
10.4.07 00:42

26 th February

When I woke up in the morning when my alarm clock rang I wasn’t feeling too good so I decided to have a sick day that day. I called Kim and asked her to let Ken know that I won’t come in that day. I slept until 1pm and spend my day doing nothing / chilling. In the evening the telephone was going all the time, everybody wished them a save trip or had questions about they are going to do there. It was fun.
10.4.07 00:43

27 th February

Taday Chris left to go to Europe for one week with Jerry and I came home a little ealier than normal (that was possible because Ken was not in the office and so I hadn’t much to do anyways). I helped Chris packing, I gave her my suitcase and some locks for it because her suitcase was a nine year old kid maybe but not for an adult. Whatever …. Jerry was very nervouse about the whole trip because it was his first vacation in another country. I kinda knew that everything would go well because Chris can understand German a little bit and so they would have no problems in Austria. After she left I watched American Idol and finally went to bed.
10.4.07 00:43

28 th February

The first morning without Chris … Nice because I didn’t have to wait to go into the bathroom. I had enough time to bring the mail in, to feed the birdies and to let Nina outside for a while. I even made a sandwich for lunch. As a arrived I was so hungry that I ate it before 9am so I had to think about something for lunch. Suddenly it came into my mind that Chris always goes home for lunch and so I was afraid that Nina unsually goes out then. So I rushed home got a subway sub on the way and ate 10 minutes at home while Nina was outside. The rest of the day was more or less boring. I went for a walk with Nina and played with her in the evening.
10.4.07 00:43

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