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Servus !

Wilkommen auf meinem Blog und lasst es euch gut gehen!!! So ich bin jetzt raus!

26th January

When I woke up I felt sick... hhaha.. well I slept long and the really good thing was that Chris slept long too, so I didn’t wake up until 10 am. I took a shower, hurried to Giant to get some stuff and when I came back I met Chris at home. I talked to her for a while. She just came back from the getting her hair fixed. She got curly hair. At first I thought that it might not look good on her but it did. Well anyways I left then. When I arrived in Harrisburg it was just the perfect time to pick up Friederike from work so that we could go PSECU (my bank) to deposit my first 2 checks from work. Haha it was closed. Shit…. Then we saw that there were some machines from the bank around the corner and so we checked if it is possible to deposit money there. It worked but I needed 15 minutes to fill out the one envelope. After that we drove to Best Buy because I needed a new camera. So I immediately found one that my father recommended and I liked it. So after that we hit the road again to go and get some liquers for the “party” later the day. We bought Malibu, Vodka and stuff like that. We also stoped at K-Mart to get some juice for the Malibu. After all that we went “home”.On the way we saw a “clown” driving a car… haha… yeah a guy had lots of make up a hat a red nose and close like a clown… we laughed. My bed and everything was the same like I left it. Except that Friederike moved her bed a little bit. We talked, turned on some music and when Ben came we went upstairs. Ben asked where the TV in the kitchen was and then we realised that it was gone. Haha… Daniel took it away… but will he bring it back or does he need it for John? Whatever we were hungry so we made a pizza. It was not that good but it was nice to sit together and to talk. We contacted Wes so he came at 8pm. But we already drank our stuff since 6pm. It was just fun!!! We talked, played cards, beer pond (our sprecial version on the kitchen tabel) At midnight we gratulated Friederike and I gave her my present. Now I can tell what I was working on all these days. I made a book with pic’s and storys what we experieced together. She said that I couldn’t make a better present. She loved it. We read through the whole book and talked about it very long. She also got a gift card of Ben from American Eagal. Actually when I think about it now, Wes didn’t give her anything. Hmm… we made an other pizza and went to bed at 4 am.
7.2.07 04:14

27 th January

Today we chilled and cooked mash potatos, chicken meat and pees (it was really good) We took a cab to Katharina who’s friend also had brithday and made a “small party” at her house. So we were the first people there and we started drinking the Malibu. Mhhm.. very good, like in Mallorca…. At half past 8pm more and more people came and so they started making some mexican food. We ate… too much . .. haha.. Friederike and me were so full that we both didn’t feel well. Wes came too, and just half a hour later we went home with him. We also were very tired. So we made Wes go… *g* no he went when we told him that we don’t want to do anything else that day. We slept immediately
7.2.07 04:15

28 th January

My weekend was almost already over. But we had some more things we wanted to do that day. We went to BlockBuster to get Dirty Dancing because we both wanted to watch it in English. We also stopped at Wal Mart to get some food. I had the idea to get choclate ice and some cherrys. So we looked for the carrys and finally found them in cans. At home we had to try it and so we put the cherrys together with chocolate you can heat up in the microwave. It was awesome!!! We watched the movie then and then it was time to go. I packed my stuff and left with the movie that I actually wanted to give back at the store but almost half an hour later I realized that I forgot it. I didn’t drive back, I hoped to return the dvd at a store in Allentown or to send it back to Harrisburg by mail. When I arrived I was very tiered. It only took me about 1 and a half hour to drive home that was good. I watched some TV with Chris and talked with her about the weekend and then I went to bed.
7.2.07 04:15

29 th January

Work … well nothing special there but NOT to drive to Evansville was a good thing. At home I ate with Chris and was happy that I could go to bed a little bit earlyer today.
7.2.07 04:16

30 th January

After work I ate with Chris helped her with the dishes and played with Nina. We watched American Idol and went to bed at half past 10pm.
7.2.07 04:17

31 st January

At work was a tone of food. Sometimes I think that they want to feed me there so that I gain weight haha.. at first a cockie, then a donut, then again two cockies, at lunch potatoes and chicken wings and then they brought brownies. I didn’t eat all of it but .. man… that’s crazy…. At home I spent the evening like always.
7.2.07 04:18

1 st February

Well… Thurstday and nothing much to say… Except that I am looking forward to the weekend.
7.2.07 04:18

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